Questions & Answers

Question: What is Ruff and Puff Doggie Day Camp?

Answer: We are Calgary's first doggie bus, we come pick up your pooch at your home!

It is a very safe and fun adventure for your dog. 

Question: Who works at Ruff and Puff?

Answer:  Belinda Morrison, Owner and operator. Belinda is a native Calgarian, born and raised. Belinda has ran a fitness business for many years in Calgary, she believes in a healthy body for both humans and dogs. She is also the Founder of CB Rescue Foundation, a reputable dog rescue in Calgary. It only made sense to combine her passion for fitness and dogs!

Denzel Morrison, is also born and raised in Calgary, he owns a Landscaping company which gives a portion to CB Rescue Foundation every year at spring clean up time. He also is a dog trainer in Calgary. His calm energy and knowledge, make a wonderful asset to Ruff and Puff. He has trained many dog around Calgary. He also volunteers with CB Rescue as one of their dog trainers.

Laurie  ; Laurie is a wonderful asset to Ruff and Puff. She has a true love for the dogs, she fosters for CB Rescue, sits on the Board of Directors for the rescue and has adopted from CB Rescue. She also runs a day care for dogs, specializing in dogs under 25 lbs. The dogs respond to her loving nature and positive energy.

How does Ruff and Puff work:


We pick up your dog(s) from these following communities:

New Brighton


Mckenzie Towne

Mckenzie Lake



Auburn Bay


Lake Chaparral



We also have a central drop off and pick up location in Mckenzie Towne, if you live  out of the above communities.

Once we pick up all the dogs we make our way to a private dog park for an hour of FUN and exercise! This is a secured park, no other dogs will be allowed. 

The whole adventure will take 2.5 to 3 hours. We drop off your dog happy and tired.

Question: How do I know what time you are picking up my dog?

Answer: We have a software program that will let you know your appointment time. We give you a window for pick up and drop off.

Question: What if I am not home?

Answer: You can give us a key or the code to your home, we will make sure the door is locked when we leave, we will also leave fresh water for your dogs. At this time a picture of your dog in your home will be sent to you with heir report card, via email or on the APP.

Question: How will I know my dog is dropped off back at home?

Answer: You will receive a picture and a report card at the end, once the dog is securely in your home.

Question: Are the dogs safe on the doggie bus?

Answer: Yes! We take safety as a number one priority, we treat every dog like they our own. Dogs will be securely fastened  to a seat, or in a kennel that is secured, if they are more comfortable in a kennel. All seats are modified for the dogs safety.

All dogs must have their own harness with a back attachment to ride the bus.

Question: What payment type do you take?

Answer: Cash, EBT, Paypal or credit card.

Questions: What about small dogs?

Answer: We have small dog day. Dogs under 20lbs, have their own small doggie day on Thursdays.

Question: Do you need to meet my dogs before hand?

Answer: Yes, we will meet all dogs unless of course we already know the dogs! We will schedule this with you.

Question: What about inclement weather?

Answer: The dogs safety is first, if there is lightening we will not take dogs out, if the weather temperature is above 25 we may cut the outing short. Fresh water is always out for the dogs at the park, as well a shaded area.

Question: Will aggressive dogs be allowed on the bus?

Answer: All dogs have to be dog and human friendly.

Question: Does my dog need to UTD on vaccinations?

Answer: Yes, or we will accept a Titer test.