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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does my dog need to have to ride the bus?
    Your pup just needs a harness (easiest/safest way to clip them in) and some of their own treats if they have any dietary issues! Also if possible please let them out for pee/poo before the ride as pick up can take sometimes take some time, depending on how many dogs are being picked up.
  • When do I get approved on Scout for my booking? When is the schedule for pickups sent out?
    We approve and send the schedule the day/night before. To ensure you get a spot please book a recurring ride. E.g. This means that you may choose a reoccurring ride weekly on every specific day of the week. If unable to book reoccurring, please book a couple of days in advance.
  • What time will you pick my pup up at?
    Pickup times are sent out in an email the night before with pickup/drop-off time and information. We are currently doing morning walks. (At the park at 10/11) **Keep in mind these are estimated times, so please plan accordingly! If you must leave for whatever reason, please leave the code, key, and backyard/door open, and let me know how to get your pup picked/dropped off through the notes section on the Scout app! 😀
  • What is the preferred payment method?
    For payment, a credit card is required on file to book a ride! The system will not let you book without a card on file. The rides are automatically billed to the card on file at the end of the week (The week ends on a Monday). The bill is sent the following Monday. You will receive a receipt when billed. If, for some reason, you are not able to put a card on file, please let me know, and I can adjust your account to e-transfers. If your looking to get a 10x pass, the money can be sent via e-transfer, or let me know, and I can bill your card on file! After buying a 10x pass, your account will have prepaid credit on it, and each ride will be deducted from your credit. You may still get an invoice that says paid* on it. Ride Costs Single Ride and play $38 10x Pass $350 E-transfers for 10x passes are sent to
  • Can you still pick up my pup if I'm not home?
    Yes, and we will require some sort of way to gain access to your property. Some different ways to let us in are: - Key pad codes, - Leave a key - Use a lockbox - Leave the back doggie door open If you leave your house at any point while we are gone, please let us know what the method for getting your pup inside is.
  • What are the pickup areas?
    Check the list of pickup locations with the link below 👇
  • How can I sign my dog up for a Ride and Play?
    In order to sign your doggo up for ride and play, fill out the contact request at Please make sure you're in the service area first! If you are not in the service area you can request your community to be added to the list on I'll reach out to you via email and either arrange a meet and greet if needed or allow you to sign up through the Scout app! When booking slots on the Scout app, please be aware of which day/days your communities are being serviced.
  • Does my dog need to be fixed to ride the bus?
    We do require that all dogs over 7 months be fixed. We do not want any unwanted accidents or have issues related to a dog still being intact.
  • Are you licensed/Insured?
    Yes! We are Licensed and Insured through Aligned Insurance.
  • Where do you take the dogs?
    We take the dogs to private fenced-in dog parks! We usually frequent Barrett off-leash but also visit Pawsitively Wild and Free and Wet Noses!
  • Does my dog need a meet and greet?
    If your dog is an all-star and has never had any issues with other dogs we don't require a prior meet and greet. We will do a quick meet and greet the day the ride the bus! If you won't be home the first day for pickup it's preferred we meet beforehand.
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