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120-240 Minutes
Dog on bus

Ruff and Puff will pick your fur baby up in our doggie bus. The doggos are then taken to a private fenced-in dog park and all the fun is overseen by an experienced dog trainer. The Dog walk lasts about 1 hour. No other dogs are allowed in the park, making for a safe and controlled environment.


After play time with friends, your dog will be dropped off tired and happy. All dogs will receive a report card about their day. 

Get your pup on the Bus! 
60 Minutes
dog training

If your dog needs help learning impulse control with food, not jump on people at the door, or counter surfing, we are here to help. We can help with are pulling on the leash, barking, and recall, resource guarding etc.

Contact us to see how we can help your dog become their best self. 


All ride and play dogs enjoy reduced training costs! We offer this so that dogs on the bus can be great listeners and well behaved!


Becky and Zoe are both now offering in home pet sitting (In your house). They will sit overnight and will take your pups out for walk/walks! Contact us for booking one of them.

Cost - Single dog $55

Additional dog - $25

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