ruff and puff treats
Ride & Play
120-240 Minutes

Ruff and Puff will pick your Fur baby up in the Ruff and Puff Bus. The doggos are then taken to a private fenced in dog park. There is no other dogs allowed in this space so it is a very controlled environment. After play time with friends they will then be dropped off tired and happy. All dogs will receive a report card about their day. 


Get your Pup on the Ruff and Puff Bus! 

Leashed Individual/Pack Walk
30-60 Minutes

We offer leashed and individual pack walks for dogs that maybe would just benefit from a more structured environment. Pack walks are great for dogs to exercise, and get use to being around other dogs in a pack environment. These are also great for dogs who maybe don't get along with other dogs and require that one on one walk. 

Dog Training
60 Minutes

We are offering one on on dog training. If your dog needs help with things such as  manners whether it be learning to not jump on people at the door, impulse control with food, counter surfing we are here to help. Some other issues we can help with are pulling on the leash, barking, and recall. Contact us to see how we can help your dog become their best self.