What Is Ride and Play?

Ruff and Puff will pick up your dog from the following communities: New Brighton, Copperfield, Mckenzie Towne, Mckenzie Lake, Auburn Bay, Prestwick & Mahogany. Pick up comes right to your doorstep.  We give you a window of time--usually between an hour to an hour and a half--when we expect to be by to pick up your dog. This depends on how many dogs are coming to Day Camp and other various factors. 

Dogs will have to have a harness with a back attachment,  on so they can be safely buckled into their own seat on the bus. If your dog feels more comfortable in a kennel, we will have those securely fastened .


We then will take them to a Private dog park, where only the dogs on the bus will be admitted. The dogs will play and socialize for 1 hour and then we will bring them back home happy and tired!

Note: New dogs coming into our day-camp need to have a meet and greet with either Belinda or Denzel before they ride our bus.

If you are not home a set of house keys is required to pick up and drop of your dog.