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What is Ride and Play?

Pick up comes right to your doorstep!  We give you a window of time –usually between an hour to an hour and a half – when we expect to pick up your dog.


This can vary depending on how many dogs are coming to Day Camp and other factors. 

Dogs must have a harness with a back attachment on so they can be safely buckled into their seat on the bus. If your dog feels more comfortable in a kennel, we will make sure they are securely fastened.


We take your dog to a private dog park, where only the dogs on the bus will be admitted. The dogs play and socialize for 1 hour and then we will bring them back home happy and tired!

Note: New dogs coming into our Day Camp need to have a "meet and greet" with either Belinda or Denzel before they ride our bus.

If you are not home, please leave a set of house keys to facilitate the pick up and drop off of your dog.

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Ruff and Puff Pick Up Locations


Wednesday - Deep South : Lake Chapparal, Walden, Legacy


Tuesday - South West : Woodbine, Evergreen


Thursday - Deep South East : Auburn Bay, Cranston, Mahogany , Seton

Friday - Central SE : Bonavista, Canyon Meadows, Deer Run, Parkland

** South east is able to book any day of the week! Preferred days are Thursdays
* If you do not see your community on the list


Additional dog same household = $21

Single dog/Single ride = $38 

Single dog/10x Pass = $350 ($35/ride)

Prices as of march 20th 2023

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