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Leashed Pack/Individual Walks 

We are offering Leashed walks/pack walks as we realized not all dogs are able to ride the ruff and puff bus. Some dogs just do better with individual one on one walks and we understand that. With our one on one walks they are structured for specifically improving how the dog walks on the leash. If you decide you want us to work on how you dogs walks on a leash its also beneficial that you partake in some training sessions to understand yourself how you can walk your dog better. We are also offering pack walks in some communities in which we are just not servicing with the ruff and puff bus. Contact us today and together we can find out what the best option for you would be. 


Individual Private Walk
This is not your average individual dog walk. Our focus is on teaching the dog how to properly walk on a leash, great for mental exercise as well. 

$40 per walk

Group Pack Walk 
We will come and walk your doggo in a pack walk. Great for building confidence 
around other dogs. Includes pick up and drop off. 

(1-3 x a week) = $27 / walk
(4-5 x a week) = $23 / walk

**Additional dog is $15**

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