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Calgary's First Adventure School Bus for Dogs!

We know that your dog is not just a pet; they're family! We also understand that busy schedules can sometimes leave your doggo missing out on the exercise and socialization they need.

This is where Ruff and Puff comes in!

Dog walking
Dog bus

Let's adventure together

Why Choose Us?

Ruff and Puff is a doggy school bus, created with the goal of fun and safety in mind. Denzel Morrison is an experienced dog trainer who understands canine behaviour and knows how to maximize enjoyment while minimizing risks.

Ruff and Puff will pick up your dog from your home in our doggy school bus, adapted specially for four-legged friendsFrom there, we'll begin our adventure filled day, with lots of time to play, run, sniff and explore.

At the end of the walk, we will drop your pup off tired and happy; it's that simple!



Not only do we pride ourselves on giving your doggo a fun time out, but we do it with safety in mind.  The bus is specially outfitted so that each compartment is safe for the dogs, with their harness attached to their seat. We also modified the bus to have safety gates so the dogs will remain in their assigned spots. In addition to having a safe bus, all our staff is certified in pet first aid. We are also Licensed and Insured! 

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